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Employment Lesson Preparation (Flipped) (2017)
Grade 12 Career and Career Choices
Lesson Preparation Employment Lesson Preparation (Flipped) (2017) 16 page/s
Worksheet The Recruitment Process Worksheet - Template 1 page/s
Worksheet The Recruitment Process Worksheet - Shuffled 2 page/s
Worksheet Memo The Recruitment Process Worksheet - Memo 1 page/s
Example Careers Example of an Employment Contract 8 page/s
Flow Chart Elements of a Job Contract 1 page/s
Legal Dpt of Labour - BCEA Summary 6 page/s
Worksheet Basic Conditions of Employment Act - Summary 2 page/s
Worksheet Memo BCEA Completed Summary 3 page/s
Worksheet Optional Additional Activity Employment Equity in SA Video 1 page/s
PowerPoint Employment Equity in South Africa 17 page/s
Legal Summary of the Employment Equity Act 4 page/s
Discussion Memo Employment Equity Fishbowl Debate - Key Arguments Raised 2 page/s
PowerPoint Labour Relations Act and Trade Unions 6 page/s
PowerPoint Fair Dismissal according to the LRA 4 page/s
Worksheet How does work add value to life 1 page/s
Worksheet Ethics Questions Worksheet 1 page/s
Worksheet Memo Ethics Questions Worksheet - Memo 1 page/s

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