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Role of Media in a Democratic Society Community PowerPoints
The role of the media in a democratic society- electronic and print media. Freedom of expression and limitations.	Extent to which media reporting reflects a democratic society: topics covered, positions taken by editors, space allocated to topics and geographical distribution (accessibility of information to different groups in society). Critical analysis of media and campaigns. Coverage of sport, sports personalities and recreation activities.
PowerPoint Democracy and Media 2.4MB, P1-B1, C 36 page/s
PowerPoint Media Role and Responsibility 10MB, P1-B3, C 6 page/s
PowerPoint Nandos Adverts 0.7MB, P1-B2, G 16 page/s
PowerPoint The Role of Media 1MB, P1-B1, C 25 page/s
PowerPoint Role of Media in a Democracy 7MB, P1-B1, C 37 page/s

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