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Healthy Lifestyle Lesson Preparation (2018) - Underage Drinking Focus
Grade 11 Development of Self in Society
Lesson Preparation Healthy Lifestyle Lesson Preparation (2018) - Underage Drinking Focus 14 page/s
PowerPoint Healthy Balanced Lifestyle PowerPoint 10 page/s
Worksheet Lifestyle Elements and Choices Worksheet 1 page/s
PowerPoint Accidents and Risky Behaviour PowerPoint 5 page/s
Worksheet Arrive Alive Activity Worksheet 1 page/s
Worksheet Personal Safety - Collaboration Activity (MS Word Worksheet) 3 page/s
PowerPoint Personal Safety - Collaboration Activity (PowerPoint) 37 page/s
PowerPoint Memo Personal Safety - Collaboration Activity (Memo) 72 page/s
Fact Sheet Alcohol & Risky Behaviour PowerPoint – SA Data 2 page/s
PowerPoint Alcohol and Risky Sexual Behaviour PowerPoint - USA Data 4 page/s
PowerPoint Role Models PowerPoint 16 page/s
Worksheet Role Models Worksheet 2 page/s
Article Celebs endorsing Alcohol Brands 6 page/s
Article Celebs who dont drink Alcohol 2 page/s

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