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Goal Setting & Relationships Lesson Preparation (2018) & Written Task
Grade 11 Development of Self in Society
Lesson Preparation Goal Setting and Relationships Lesson (2018) - Underage Drinking Focus 14 page/s
PowerPoint Values and Goal Setting PowerPoint 15 page/s
Article Michael Phelps Alcohol Story Article 6 page/s
Worksheet Life Dimensions - Goal Setting Activity 3 page/s
Written Task Relationships Media Campaign Written Task (2018) - Prior to Recovery ATP 5 page/s
Task Guide Video Creation Tools Guide 4 page/s
Article Some Signs of a Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationship Article 2 page/s
Article Relationship Skills and Perceptions Article 3 page/s
Article Relationships and Well-being Article 3 page/s
Article My Attitude Article 4 page/s
Article Conflict Resolution Article 4 page/s
Article Social Media - Changing World, Changing Values Article 2 page/s

Lesson Plan Video's