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Frequently Asked Questions


To uplift the standing and impact of Life Orientation in high schools throughout South Africa.

From our experience, most Life Orientation HODs have FIVE major concerns:

  1. To empower their LO Team with the necessary skill set to teach their allocated lessons and perform all mandated assessments (tasks, projects, examinations).
  2. To ensure all assessments are completely aligned with the latest LO Curriculum requirements (Departmental or IEB).
  3. To provide suitable material and resources for their LO Team to teach their lessons well.
  4. To keep their LO team motivated about the subject and for LO teachers to enjoy their teaching experience.
  5. To stretch the limited budget as far as possible to cover all the above


Being aware of these concerns, Teenactiv offers a solution that addresses each of these needs. 


Teenactiv will ensure your subject advisor reviews are excellent, moderation submissions are an affirming experience and that the setting of written tasks, projects and / or exam questions (with memo answers) will no longer be a dreaded event that requires the allocation of plenty of hours.

Furthermore, the development of upcoming lesson material and activities will be convenient and fun.


For IEB teachers, Teenactiv provides IEB specific tasks, IEB aligned discursive essays and IEB CAT A Resources. We will soon be catering for project based learning through our new resources section. 

With a membership of over two hundred paying high schools, Teenactiv has a diverse range of subscribing schools. These include private schools, government schools (fee and no-fee schools) and home schools.

Furthermore, private schools of various faiths (including Christianity, Judaism and Islam) are also part of the Teenactiv Community.

Teenactiv focuses solely on the needs of high school Life Orientation Teachers. Whether you are a seasoned HOD, new to teaching the subject or exploring fresh ways of covering aspects of the Curriculum … Teenactiv is able to assist.


Teenactiv has commenced translating all its 2021 published content into Afrikaans. 

2021 Exam Papers / Controlled Tests, Written Tasks and Projects for Grade 8 to 12 are being prioritized. Thereafter, work will commence on translating all lessons published in 2021. 

The goal is to provide an Afrikaans version of the Teenactiv website by October 2021. 

In 2022, all new content will be available both in English and Afrikaans. 

Teenactiv is completely aligned with all the latest requirements and guidelines for: 

  • Life Orientation Senior Phase National Curriculum Statement (NCS)
    Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) Grades 7-9 

  • Life Orientation FET Phase National Curriculum Statement (NCS)
    Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) Grades 10-12 

The IEB uses the South African National Curriculum which is regulated by the Department of Basic Education. Teenactiv is completely aligned with the National Curriculum. 

Numerous IEB schools are members of Teenactiv.

In 2021, Teenactiv launching various initiatives aimed specifically at the needs of its IEB schools – these include new IEB specific tasks, Grade 12 CAT A resources and discursive essays.
Teenactiv employs the services of a very experienced and respected IEB quality assurer. All new IEB specific content is reviewed and approved before being published.  

Lesson Preparations, Written Tasks, Projects, June Exam Papers, November Exam Papers, IEB Tasks, CAT A Resources and various miscellaneous resources that are topic specific.

These are constantly evolving. In 2021, lesson preparations typically include: 

  • Teaching Plan Table 
  • Detailed and Practical Lesson Methodologies
  • PowerPoints
  • YouTube Videos  
  • Worksheets with class / group activities based on case studies, scenarios, self-reflection and informal summative assessment (practice exam questions)
  • Worksheet Memorandums
  • Content Summary 


Teenactiv lessons include a variety of engaging resources and activities to make lessons more stimulating for both teachers and learners. 

In 2021, all lessons include a practical element (i.e. a strategy or tool) that learners can use to help them apply what they have learnt in class.   

By making lesson content more stimulating, our aim is for learners to better recall the information covered so that they can make wise and informed choices when life situations arise.

All Teenactiv content is developed by selected, experienced LO teachers – who are guided by our team of experts and consultants. Furthermore, before being published, all content is quality checked by a team of experts to ensure activities are practical, relevant, inclusive and adhere to the latest Curriculum guidelines.

Unlike Mathematics where teaching Pythagoras’ theorem remains the same every year, the references and examples used to illustrate themes within Life Orientation need to constantly be updated – in order to remain relevant and stimulating for learners (and LO teachers).

Furthermore, with illustrations often drawing on topical issues in the media, it is important that these are regularly updated to reflect any changes. Example: Prior to February 2013, Oscar Pristorius would have been viewed as a role model.

New content is published throughout the year. In most instances, it is made available to schools in the term prior to its use - to provide teachers with sufficient time to incorporate components thereof into their term planning.

The Annual Teaching Plans provide a guide of where new content can be expected for each grade. 

Teachers are emailed copies of all new material upon its publication on the Teenactiv website.

Over the past fifteen years, Teenactiv has developed good relationships with every Provincial Education Department. Please contact us should you need a contact person in your province.

New June and November Exam Papers are provided every year 

Each Exam paper consists of Sections A, B, C and detailed answers are provided in the  Memorandum. Furthermore, the cognitive level is indicated for each question. 

For IEB schools: In 2021, we started offering some discursive essays for each topic (over and above the usual exam papers) ... these are found in the tasks. 

Exam Papers are provided to member schools in Microsoft Word format – so that LO teachers can select and extract questions from each of the papers (for a particular grade) – to make up their own Exam Paper for that grade. 

Every effort is made to limit any barriers to implementation. Where appropriate, alternative lesson activities are suggested – to cater for differently resourced schools.

Teenactiv has an agreement with Boost EQ, whereby Boost EQ is allowed to access and use any Teenactiv Past Exam Papers that are older than 2 years. In return, all LO teachers at Teenactiv member schools have free access to Boost EQ.

For 2021, Boost EQ has been able to include questions from both the June and November 2019 past papers.

However, all 2020 and 2021 June and November Past Papers are reserved exclusively for LO Teachers from Teenactiv member schools. 


Teenactiv works on an annual subscription basis whereby a school joins for the year - with the option to renew. 

The 2021 subscription fee is R3450 (incl VAT) per school. A discretionary discount is offered to dual medium, Afrikaans only and schools with learner fees of less than R10 000 per annum.   

The subscription fee allows all Life Orientation teachers at a school to make full use of Teenactiv and all its resources till 31st December 2021.  


The 2022 subscription fee will be R3700 (incl VAT) per school. This will be our first fee increase in three years. We dont anticipate another till 2025. 

Select the Join button on the Teenactiv website and request a quotation for your school. Alternatively, give us a call on 021 686 2299 or send an email to

Thereafter, the process only involves two actions. Payment of the requested quotation and sending through the names (first name and surname) and email addresses of all the teachers in your school's LO Department.

As soon as payment has been received, Teenactiv will promptly send through each teacher’s login details (via email) and they will have immediate access to all the content available on the Teenactiv website.  

Only teachers at high schools that cover the Life Orientation Curriculum.


With schools having to renew their membership each year - it serves as a measure of accountability and an incentive for Teenactiv to continuously seek to add value to our member schools.

This is done by ensuring that we stick to all our promises, maintain our high standards and constantly explore fresh ways to enhance the impact of the subject.

Subscriptions run till year end. Schools need to notify Teenactiv prior to year end, should they wish to discontinue.

Teenactiv provides daily support both through email ( and telephone 021 686 2299 or 083 733 3632. Our response time is usually the same day.